Saturday, January 4, 2014

Two weeks until release. More coverage is up.

So, it's two weeks until the comic is released.

A lot more reviews have gone up, and a lot more sites have posted the press release. I try and thank everyone that does a review personally if I can, even if it isn't positive, same with the press release going up, but I can easily miss people.

Robot 6 did a nice highlight. More of a recomendations then a full review, definitly positive.

Lez Get Real put up the press release. Super nice of them.

Comic adiction also did this, which is super duper nice of them.

Flordia Geek did a review. Peter Schmeiser over there wasn't a huge fan of the book, but I thank him for taking the time to write the review. He did not have to.

Geek Syndicate also put up the press release, super duper duper nice of them.

At Omnicomic jonathan Pilley did a wonderful review of the comic. Quite glowing.  I hope future issues do not disapoint him.

Over at Jazma Online Richard Vasseur liked, but did not love Nova Phase. I forgive him.

And finally, Comic Book Geekasm was also nice enough to put up the press release. That is as far as I know the current spectrum of cover on the book.

Which is super cool to me, that there are people reading it. Tens, who knows, someday maybe even twenties of people, reading my comic. I thank all these places, and if there are any I missed, I thank them as well.


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