Thursday, January 16, 2014

More coverage.


So the release was yesterday. I have no idea how it went. At all. Comixology doesn't give sales data until the end of the quarter.

But! A few other places put up coverage of the book, and it was all really nice. Like, makes me worried it looks like I was paying them, nice.

Comics Alliance said these things. Also, they spent way to much time on Twitter trying to get people to look at my book. For which I will name my first born son after them. His name shall be Comics Alliance Weebalo. (weebalo sounds way cooler than Ritter)

Comics Spectrum used the term 'astounding' to refer to my writing. I don't think I've ever astounded anyone before with the written word, and I hope the reviewer was okay afterwords. They also said a bunch of nice things about the art which I won't be sarcastic and weird about, because I think the art in this book is fantastic.

Mars Will Send No More did a nice spotlight of it. Also they have a badass name for a website. If you don't get it, which I didn't either, click their secret origin button and have your mind blown.

Comics Astonish did a write up. They told people to go buy my comic in all caps. I thank them. Anyone else who wants to follow in their footsteps? You have my blessing. It's also a good review.

Graphic Policy also did a nice spotlight preview thingy. Showing off art. Telling people of my book. Making me feel more important than I am. Yaknow the deal. That's what they did and I love them for it.

The comic is still up for sale, and will forever be up for sale as far as I know over here

Go buy it. It's good. Great even!

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