Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Issue #4 is out today! OUT! Buy it.

You should go by issue 4 of nova phase because it's out and it's all pixelated goodness.

It's for digital download on comixology over there. Also uh...

COOOVER! Look how snazzy.

So go, tell everyone about it. Read it. That sort of thing.

Also, remember that space is full of squares.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Issue #4 comes out on the 10th. That's Wendsday!

Greetings fellow pixel square space lovers!

Issue #4 of Nova Phase finally comes out on the 10th of this month on Comixology. Be excited! It's good.

Here's a bunch of art from it so you believe me:

So, look for it on Wednesday, it'll cost as much as the other issues. One single dollar. Print collection of issue 3-4 hopefully soon to follow, but that's waiting on some cover snafus.

Continue to ride those 8-bit space ships.


Matthew Ritter