Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's been a few days since the release.

Greetings cowboys of the space variety.

It has been a few days sense release of Nova Phase, and amazingly people are still writing reviews and talking about it. So, I'm here to give one of those blanket thanks to all the places that I heard of that were doing so.

Comic bastards wrote an amazing review. It's so nice it made me go 'did i create this review from the depths of my own imagination'.

Goodreads did a nice little spotlight on it. Which is awesome of them.

Fanboy Planet did a very nice review. Their only real negative comment was that the comic might work better in digital form thanks to the digital graphics. Quite possibly! I still like holding things in my grubby mits, and await the print copy next month.

Comic Book and Movie Reviews did an interview with me. I think one of the questions got gibberished up in the edit, but still, if you want to know more about Nova Phase, read it there.


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