Wednesday, July 16, 2014

San Deigo Comic Con

Tomorrow I head to San Deigo Comic Con, where I shall be at the SLG booth with copies of Nova Phase. So, If you or anyone you know happens to be at comic con, you can come buy a copy of Nova Phase!

I'll be betting people money that they'll like my comic. Actual human money. It will work simply, the comic is like six bucks, and I'm willing to bet you seven bucks you'll like it. So, if you buy it, read it, and hate it, I'll buy it back from you with my own personal cash monies.

So, if you want to help bankrupt me, tell everyone to come to the SLG booth at comic con where they can get dollar bills for telling me how bad my comic is after buying it.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Issue #3 is out! Finally. Blah!

Issue 3 is out! And I forgot to mention it on this blog, like a hero. Ahem, here's the press release bibble:

Its Cowboy Bebop meets Super Mario in this dramatic pixel art space western: Nova Phase!

Nova Phase is published by
SLG and Issue 3 is now available from comixology for digital purchase for only 99 cents. Get it here.

In Issue 3: Veronica Darkwater finds herself part of an intergalactic treasure hunt leading across the vast expanses of the stars to a strange planet at the heart of an alien empire. It’s the kind of place danger is always waiting, and this is no exception.


Please go buy it. You'll be my only friend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nova Phase Phisical Book Out

That's the link to go buy a physical copy of the first two issues of Nova  Phase. I've heard they're spectacular. But i have bought none myself. Yet! *Goes to do that*

The third issue apparently WILL come out. On the 15th of next month. So, if you cared about the first two, mark your calenders to go buy it all digital like.

More issues should follow that. As is the way of comics.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Interviews. Lots of interviews.


The last few weeks a large amount of interviews (for me) came out and went up.

Here they are: A very nice review, and a very nice interview. Both done expertly. Also, it's a cool site for reasons other than this. Fanboy planet interviewed me. A whole planet of fanboys sound terrifying. I was thanked for my time, and it's a pretty good interview. Of the random interviews, i think i liked this one the best, but mostly because it went off on tangents not related to the comic at all. This was just a little review kind of thing. NOT an interview. I was also on the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks podcast. I still don't know what a pod is, or how it can cast spells, but regardless, if you wonder what I sound like with my voice, this is the place for you.

I can make no guarantees that each and everyone of them doesn't have basically the same info. Also, I've never read them back to back, that could prove... repetitive. 

Oh, and I guess, if you want to buy the comic or something and haven't already, go here:

Friday, February 14, 2014

More art from issue #3~!

Greetings ya'll. (see, I'm all cowboy-y)

The contest is over, some people won, some people didn't. You should know who you are if you won. check the Nova Phase tumblr if you're not sure. If you have no idea what I'm talking about? You most likely didn't win.

Now on to the art!

Oh no! someone got shoved!

Oh no! Space Debris!

Oh no! Snide looks!

Oh no! Goggles!
Oh no! Space Coin!

Oh no! I just like how these two panels look!
Oh no! uh... talking!
So there's a smattering of panels from issue #3, which shall hopefully be out on comixology next month, unless horrible things happen.

If you want issue #1 and #2, they ARE out on comixology, right now! Go get them here:

Until next time, space yuppies.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nova Phase Contest thing: Win a Wanted Poster!

Yup, that's right cowboys who like to travel in space.

You could win your very own Wanted Poster!

Like this!
To do that, all you have to go is go over to tumblr and reblog the most recent tumblr post on the Nova Phase tumblr. That will enter you into the contest to win a personalized wanted poster.

If you don't have a tumblr account... uh... you can't enter the contest.

Check out the details over at the official Nova Phase Tumblr

I have great trouble leaving out that e. Stupid e.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some art from the next issue, that should be out in two months.


As the next issue should be out in two months, I'm going to show you some awesome panels from issue #3 of nova phase. Look how pretty. They're all... well, super pretty.

Like this? Super pretty.

Look at that! ULTRA PRETTY!

Pretty darn pretty.

That's them. Super pretty panels from the upcoming issue. I know I can't wait.