Wednesday, July 16, 2014

San Deigo Comic Con

Tomorrow I head to San Deigo Comic Con, where I shall be at the SLG booth with copies of Nova Phase. So, If you or anyone you know happens to be at comic con, you can come buy a copy of Nova Phase!

I'll be betting people money that they'll like my comic. Actual human money. It will work simply, the comic is like six bucks, and I'm willing to bet you seven bucks you'll like it. So, if you buy it, read it, and hate it, I'll buy it back from you with my own personal cash monies.

So, if you want to help bankrupt me, tell everyone to come to the SLG booth at comic con where they can get dollar bills for telling me how bad my comic is after buying it.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Issue #3 is out! Finally. Blah!

Issue 3 is out! And I forgot to mention it on this blog, like a hero. Ahem, here's the press release bibble:

Its Cowboy Bebop meets Super Mario in this dramatic pixel art space western: Nova Phase!

Nova Phase is published by
SLG and Issue 3 is now available from comixology for digital purchase for only 99 cents. Get it here.

In Issue 3: Veronica Darkwater finds herself part of an intergalactic treasure hunt leading across the vast expanses of the stars to a strange planet at the heart of an alien empire. It’s the kind of place danger is always waiting, and this is no exception.


Please go buy it. You'll be my only friend.