Monday, March 16, 2015

Book II of Nova Phase is out!

Book II of Nova Phase has finally dropped over on amazon:
 You should go buy it. Or tell everyone else to buy it. It's a collection of issue #3 and #4.

You should also go buy the first collection if you haven't:
 Which conveniently has issues #1 and #2!

So if you care about pixels, space, cowboys, cowboys in space, space dragons, or other things that have space in the name for no good reason, go buy Nova Phase book II.


  1. Almost a year gone. Very sad, I was enjoying the comic...
    Here's hoping you find the time to get back to it someday

  2. If you guys have some future plans, feel free to let us know. Even if it isn't in print, it would be good to see the Nova Phase story continue.

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