Monday, March 3, 2014

Interviews. Lots of interviews.


The last few weeks a large amount of interviews (for me) came out and went up.

Here they are: A very nice review, and a very nice interview. Both done expertly. Also, it's a cool site for reasons other than this. Fanboy planet interviewed me. A whole planet of fanboys sound terrifying. I was thanked for my time, and it's a pretty good interview. Of the random interviews, i think i liked this one the best, but mostly because it went off on tangents not related to the comic at all. This was just a little review kind of thing. NOT an interview. I was also on the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks podcast. I still don't know what a pod is, or how it can cast spells, but regardless, if you wonder what I sound like with my voice, this is the place for you.

I can make no guarantees that each and everyone of them doesn't have basically the same info. Also, I've never read them back to back, that could prove... repetitive. 

Oh, and I guess, if you want to buy the comic or something and haven't already, go here:

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